Integrated Interventional Imaging Operating System

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Seventh Framework Programme, the People Programme

Duration: 4 years

Image guided surgery - Trondheim

The scope of the IIIOS consortium is to provide technology and training for the integration of ultrasound and biophotonics based imaging guidance with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), Computed Tomography (CT) and Positron Emission Tomography (PET) to define the specs of an Integrated Interventional Imaging Operating System (IIIOS) aimed at minimal invasive treatment of common life-threatening disorders, e.g., cancer, cardiovascular disease and structural heart defects.

Effective therapy of these conditions will require a range of safe surgical and interventional devices used with the necessary visualization and tracking under real-time image guidance. The consortium includes a critical mass of industrial and university research institute partners with expertise in design, development, and manufacture of these devices and instruments. To ensure medical the safety and economical usability of the system and to allow an optimal integration into the future hospital workflow, 6 university hospitals will contribute their clinical and administrative expertise to the consortium in the fields of Interventional Radiology/Cardiology, Anaesthesia, Oncology, General and Cardiovascular Surgery and preclinical Image guided procedures.

The consortium of the IIIOS research and training process includes two Biomedical Technology Societies: DGBMT and SMIT&MEDIS Foundation in Rumania providing expert networking and conference organization. The Associated Partners involved in the consortium and will play a key role in the exchange of knowledge and expertise to the new member states of the EU through hosting conferences such as SMIT 2012 in Barcelona (







The 3rd IIIOS hands on MR Guided - Deep Brain Stimulation and Drug Delivery Training Event will take place at the Institute of Medical Science and Technology between the 30th and 31st of August 2013. For more information please visit the training event site -